Selections #19 – Beekeeper, CybSafe, Process Street, Userlane

Beekeeper – Workplace communication made simple Swiss-based, 2011 founded, $76.0m raised, 200-250 employees, working with Domino’s, Hilton, Globus What do they do? Companies with a large number of non-desk employees have a hard time keeping them in the loop with the rest of the organisation. Beekeeper’s communications app enables companies to reach every employee and deliver critical updates across departments, […]

Selections #18 – C2FO, Qlearsite, Signal, Unmind

C2FO – Turn receivables into cash flow and payables into income US-based, 2008 founded, $397.7m raised, 300-400 employees, working with Amazon, Exxon, Siemens How are they helping with Covid-19? C2FO are helping large organisations extend a lifeline to their suppliers, letting suppliers take control of their cash flow whilst organisations improve their supply chain health and bottom line. They recently […]